Following the merger with Amur Zoloto in 2020, Kopy Goldfields gained access to producing assets. The mineral assets consist of several developing and operating gold mines (both hard rock and alluvial) and processing plants. The company’s mineral assets are located in Ayano-Maisky and Tuguro-Chumikansky municipal districts of Khabarovsk Region of the Russian Far East.

Khabarovsk Region is one of the five largest regions of the Russian Federation and belongs to the central part of Far Eastern Federal District. The region consists of 17 municipal districts and two cities. The region borders with five other regions of Russia and with the People’s Republic of China to the south. The Sea of Okhotsk and the Sea of Japan are to the East from the region. Most of the assets are located in Ayano-Maisky municipal district of Khabarovsk Region 900-1,150 km from the city of Khabarovsk. The Perevalnoe Complex (licence areas of Perevalnoye, Uchur, Maimakan and Dzhana deposits and alluvial cluster Uchur) is partially located in Tuguro-Chumikansky municipal district about 820 km from the city of Khabarovsk.

Both Ayano-Maisky and Tuguro-Chumikansky municipal districts are the largest and less populated in the region. Each of them covers an area of over 16 million ha and belongs to the Far North.

Yubileiny complex

The Yubileiny Complex comprises the Krasivoye underground mine, the Ulun deposit and the Yubileiny processing plant. The assets are situated about 5 km apart, in the north-western part of Ayano-Maysky municipal district of Khabarovsk Region, within the Dansky Ore Field. The processing plant produces gravity and flotation concentrates that are processed further by cyanidation (CIP). A second gravity and flotation line is planned to be commissioned to process increased feed from Krasivoye and possibly Ulun if developed.

Krasivoye underground mine

Krasivoye is a high grade, underground gold mine that feeds the nearby Yubileiny processing facility. The mine commenced production in 2004, initially using open pit methods and then switched to underground mining in 2010. The Krasivoye underground mine is accessed by adits, the mining method is sub-level open stoping. Mineral resources are classified as Indicated to this depth and Inferred below that. Kopy Goldfields is developing decline access to reserves below the lowest adit at 950 meters above sea level.

Ulun deposit

Ulun is a gold deposit adjacent to Krasivoye for which the company has no current plans for development.

Yubileiny processing plant

The Yubileiny plant produces gravity and flotation concentrates that are processed further by cyanidation to Dore bars with an average recovery over 2017-2018 of 89% gold and 62% silver. The plant has a crushing capacity of 200 kilo tonnes per annum (“ktpa”) and the gravity and flotation section has a capacity of 130 ktpa. A second gravity and flotation line is under construction and will be commissioned in 2022 increasing plant capacity to 265 ktpa. The plant process ore from the neighboring Krasivoe underground gold mine and flotation and gravity concentrates from Perevalnoye mine and mill.

Perevalnoye complex

Perevalnoye operates an open pit mine and a processing plant. Mining from the Perevalnoye open pit commenced in 2015 and the processing plant was commissioned in 2017. The facility produces gravity and flotation concentrates, which are further leached (CIP) at the Yubileiny process plant.

Currently the ore is mined from the Brekchiyevaya and Priyatnoe pits will in the future be mined from an underground mine below the open pit at Brekchiyevaya. The commissioned plant has capacity treat ore at a rate of 144 ktpa. The plant produces gravity and flotation concentrates which are trucked to the Yubileiny facility for cyanide leaching (CIP). A heap leach plant to process lower grade “halo” ore is planned to be commissioned later this year.

Malyutka complex

Malyutka is a greenfield project planned to be commissioned in 2023. It is an open pit deposit where gold is planned to be recovered using a heap leaching circuit. Ore will be stacked and leached.

Tas-Yurakh complex (on maintenance)

The decommissioned Tas-Yurakh complex comprises five distinctive deposits, two of which are intended for open pit mining, and three of which are intended for underground mining. Two of the underground mines are extensions of exhausted open pits and the bulk of the required infrastructure is therefore already in place. Due to depletion of the near-by golds reserves, the complex is currently on care-and-maintenance.

Placer sources

There are four gold placers currently mined from the two areas Buor and Kagkan. Together the placers could produce some 400- 500 kg (13-16 koz) of gold per year. Future gold placers are planned to be mined at Khayunda and Kurun-Uryakh.